About Concrete Rain Creator


Julie Gibbs is a devoted mother of four, an overcomer of adversity and oppression, a survivor of domestic abuse, rape, and sexual assault, and a beautiful woman of God who believes in walking intentionally, purposely and obediently into her destiny. Julie was born in Greensburg, Indiana but was adopted and raised in Kempton, IN.  Throughout her life journey, she has encountered loss, suffering, hurt, and devastation due to bad decisions and influences that landed her in a bottomless pit of despair.  

Through the transforming power and redeeming love of Jesus Christ, she found purpose in her pain, hope for her future, and strength to rise above every circumstance meant to destroy her. Julie founded JKIMM By Concrete Rain, a company that designs unique pieces of jewelry for both men and women formed to encourage, empower, inspire, and remind them of their truth and identity. Her collection is embellished with an overflow of love and healing, which bridges feelings of bitterness and resentment to forgiveness and magnanimity. JKIMM By Concrete Rain allows Julie to share her story and passion with multiple women nationally and was debuted in Beverly Hills at the Rafi Gift Lounge during Oscar week celebration. 

Not only is Julie passionate about designing jewelry, but she is also a speaker and advocate for victims of abuse and uses her voice to promote self-worth, self-love, the power of forgiveness, overcoming addictions, finding balance within co-parenting, and more. Some of her accomplishments include working in corporate America as a leading insurance professional in the industry for the past 23 years, and she is a co-author of two of Amazon’s #1 Best Sellers: Not Just Another Story, But Her Story, where she candidly shares her journey to healing and forgiveness, and We Are Survivors; Visual Empowerment Journal. Julie’s story is a true testament to the resilience of a woman who does not allow life circumstances to define or destroy her spirit. Her life and heart are committed to spreading love, hope, and inspiration for all to become who they are destined to be.